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Protect yourself and your family from the flu today.

Get vaccinated — at no cost to members.

The single best way to prevent the seasonal flu for everyone in your family: get your yearly flu vaccines.

  • For best protection, plan to get your family’s flu shots early.
  • It’s safe. The flu vaccine does not cause the flu; there is no live virus in the shot.
  • Flu vaccines are available at no cost to Kaiser Permanente members.

Who should get a seasonal flu shot?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends everyone age six months and older get flu shots. People at higher risk of health problems from the flu should plan to get flu vaccines early, including:

  • Women who are pregnant (to help protect their unborn child).
  • Children six months and above (some children six months through eight years require two doses, given at least one month apart—talk to your child's doctor to be sure).
  • Children under six months are too young to get flu shots. The best way to protect them is for anyone living with them to get flu shots.
  • Anyone six months or older with a chronic health problem, such as diabetes; asthma; lung, blood, or kidney problems; cancer; or an impaired immune system as they are at higher risk for problems from the flu.
  • Adults age 50 or older, as they are at higher risk for problems from the flu.
  • Health care workers who get flu shots will help keep patients well by not spreading the flu.

For tips about protecting your family from the flu: Visit and select your doctor’s home page. Click “Cold and Flu” listed under “Heath Tools.”

Are you up-to-date on your preventive care screenings? Let Kaiser Permanente Healthworks® help you.

We believe that preventive care is an important part of getting and staying healthy. Our worksite wellness team, Healthworks®, is here to offer you the wellness services you need, and check for any preventive health alerts you may have. While providing on-site screenings, such as your flu shot, we will make sure that you are up-to-date with all other screenings. Here are some examples of what we recommend:

For men and women: Starting at age 50, talk to your doctor about which colorectal cancer screening is best for you.

For women:

  • Between the ages 50 and 74, have a mammogram every one to two years. Before age 40 and after age 74, talk to your doctor about your need for a mammogram.
  • Starting at age 21, have a Pap test every three years. Your doctor may recommend an HPV test.

If we notice you are due for a screening, or happened to have missed one, your primary care doctor and health care team will follow up with you to schedule an appointment and make sure you receive the recommended screenings at a medical center near you.

Even though it is flu season, your all around care is important to us.

Go to to learn about preventive care screening recommendations for you.

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